Instructions for viewing / requesting photos:
This site is not set up for browsing but rather is designed to quickly take you to photographs of a particular species. To aid in finding the photo you need, photos are grouped into major categories (Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, etc.). Each category has a separate search mechanism. So if your looking for a photo of a Fox Squirrel you will type the name Fox Squirrel in the search box below the Mammals category (please use common names for searching).  Clicking on the words “Fox Squirrel” in the drop down menu will take you to a series of thumbnail photos of Fox Squirrels.  Clicking on thumbnail photos will enlarge each photo for viewing.  To obtain a high resolution photo for use, send me an email ( with the photo name and number (i.e. Fox Squirrel 1, Red-tailed Hawk 2, etc).  Please include a brief description of how the requested photo(s) are to be used.  Please credit any photos used to “”.

Turtles & Crocodiles

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